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Embroidery, machine embroidery and making embroidered emblems


Little background

Kaarina Embro has been active since year 2004. The main field of activity of our company is machine embroidery, making embroidered emblems and preparing embroidery programs.
We embroider on many different materials and on both ready-made and semi-finished products.

Our clients include various advertising companies, sewing and other textile companies. Also, all companies and private persons wishing to get an emblem or a picture on their products, clothing items and presents are welcome to us. Quantities are not limited in any way; you can order 1 embroidery and there’s no upper limit.

We fulfil all orders quickly and with high quality, as we have sufficient experience and production means for that.

The Member of Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry since 2013.



Embroidery allows decorating clothing items and other textile items with various logos, texts and images.
The range of applications of embroidery is very wide: work clothing and casual clothing, textile items for home, bags, hats and leather items.
Embroidery is very resistant to washing and wearing.
Usually, the embroidery is made directly to the item, but we can also produce embroidered emblems and name tags to be sewn onto garments later.

We use ZSK embroidery machines, as these are very reliable and have high productivity. These machines can be configured specifically for embroidering on hats and ready-made garments and also for producing large volumes of emblems.
Up to 15 different colours can be used in one embroidery and the maximum area of the embroidery is 40 x 70 cm.

We embroider using various polyester and viscose threads that have a beautiful silky shine and are very resistant to wearing. The colours of the embroidery threads can be chosen from among more than 300 different tones, thus you can always find the perfect colours for your embroidery.
If necessary, we can also use special threads: metallic, reflective and cotton threads.
The good final quality and longevity of embroidery depends on many factors:
– Material of the item;
– Size and shape of the embroidery;
– Type and density of the embroidery stitches;
– Type of top and bottom materials used for the embroidery;
– Correct thickness of the embroidery needles and threads.

The recommended embroidery sizes for clothes are as follows:
– Small embroidery on the chest part: 8-10 cm;
– Embroidery on a sleeve: 6-9 cm;
– Embroidery on the back part: 25- 29 cm;

When using letters for embroidery, the minimum letter height should be 6 mm.

Before making the embroidery, the embroidery program has to be prepared. This is necessary for making the image understandable to the embroidering machine. In the course of preparing the embroidery program, the various parameters of the image to be embroidered are set, e.g. length, type, density, direction and number of the needle stitches.

For preparing an embroidery program, a logo / text for the embroidery must be provided beforehand, either on paper or in an electronic form. The recommended file formats for the electronic form are jpg, pdf, cdr and gif.

It is also useful to know beforehand what type of textile the embroidery will be made, because this sets the recommended density, length and direction of the needle stitches to produce a superb final quality of the embroidery.

Besides embroidering we also perform simple sewing projects: sewing velcro behind emblems and on products, sewing emblems on ready-made garments.


The price for the embroidery is calculated according to the number of stitches needed. The more stitches are needed, the higher the price of the embroidery. The price of the

embroidery program is added only in case of a first-time embroidery image. We keep the embroidery programs in our database and in successive orders of the same embroidery we can use the same embroidery program again.

The number of stitches needed depends on the width of the logo / text, the type of embroidery stitches to be used, and whether the logo includes small shapes and texts. In order to get a price quote, you need to send us the image to be embroidered, together with its dimensions, via email or as a fax message.

Before starting to produce the embroidery, we will co-ordinate with the customer the exact colours to be used and the exact placement of the logo on the items.

For making names and nametags with common fonts it is not needed to make a complex program and therefore there’s no additional cost for embroidering.





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